Our Projects

We have a number of projects in the works to improve our offerings. Your donations can help us hire developers to work on these projects.

Mentoring Improvements

We provide free data-question-answering on our Slack team via volunteer mentors.

We would like to make it easier for our mentors to answer questions by providing a streamlined web interface, and by matching new questions with previously answered questions. This project will allow us to answer more questions faster.

More-open Book Clubs

We host book clubs for a wide range of data-related books, including R for Data Science, Python for Data Analysis, and R Packages. To join a book club, you must join our Slack team, and follow the associated channel.

We would like to open up our clubs to users who are not on our Slack. This project will require software development to integrate our club management with additional login providers (such as Zoom, Google, GitHub, LinkedIn, and/or Mastodon), and to ensure that our meetings do not get spammed.